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MYTH: Budget Travel is actually expensive

Now, who told you that? Travelling is expensive! Yes, it is, but a little bit of research on your hotels and finding cheap hotels, replacing them with Hostels, (Bunkotel for travelers in Mussoorie is a great choice), finding local eateries (where locals eat) rather than continental food or fine dining restaurant,walking, instead of taking buses and taxis for short distances, can help you save a lot. If you do a cost analysis obviously nothing can beat a can of soda and popcorn in front of Netflix at home but that’s not life or is it? (more…)


You will find no one who is sad and regretful about making too many real friends, being a storyteller, seeing nature up and close, live history, have amazing experiences, and eaten best food available, on their deathbed.

There are two kinds of people in the world one who lives in their cocoon, their comfort zone.  (more…)


What better way to get inspired for travelling than watching someone else doing the same on the silver screen. The movies are full of stories of adventure, meaning, happiness and eventual learning. Here is a list of best (Bunkotel) movies that will inspire you to travel. (more…)


We love travelling on Budget like most of you. And like most of you want to travel more while saving on accommodation. Of course, that comes with a bargain, bargain to let go few mandatory services of a hotel. But who minds that as long as the rooms and toilets are clean and hot water is available in the toilet. (more…)


There is a saying that “Books are a man’s best friend” we don’t accept that completely.  As a friend for us has to be a living being. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they make you learn new things, inspire and make you do new things.

There are books specifically written on Travel. These books (Travel books) lure you to fall into the habit of  (more…)


Travelling is good for your mind, body and soul. There are times when no matter how much you push yourself to mundane jobs and routine rigours of a job, it just doesn’t feel right and you want an escape out of it. You just want to go and stay at the best hotel. A study by an agency(Global Commission on Ageing) found  (more…)


When you are depressed or in depression, travelling can feel a daunting task. After all, if you don’t even like to get out of the bed, how can you face this enormous world? The answer is, life should remain stuck in status quo, isn’t it?

Depression changes your minds chemical composition and makes you feel certain things that you really don’t feel very happy about. But as they say, the two best things that beat depression are exercise and travelling. And when you travel, you simultaneously exercise and beat those life’s Monday blues . (more…)


We all know what butter is, but Peanut Butter? yes! For those who love this American product, Mussoorie has something to offer, what? read on!

Peanut Butter has its current form was developed in the 1900s in America. Since then it is a staple at America households. Mussoorie has a unique small-scale home made a shop that has been producing this American sandwich dressing. Needless to say, it tastes at par if not better than all its expensive mass-produced cousins. (more…)


Cycling Tracks in Mussoorie

“Shut up legs”  Is the battle cry of every die-hard cyclist. This is just chanted a way lot more if you cycle a lot in Mussoorie !. Cycling in the pristine sunshine in Mussoorie is a wonderful way to see mountain beauty and sheds those extra kilos at the same time. This is a list of top cycle tracks every cycling enthusiast should take. (more…)

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