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Remember when being social and connected meant actually meeting and enjoying with your close family and friends. Yes the “pre-social media” era, wow those were the days when you actually went to travel without “check-in on Facebook, telling the world about it on twitter and eating that pie before posting its pic on Instagram. Although it has become an integral part of the lives but trust me, you losing your time “here” can gain you some life “there”. (more…)


When you are depressed or in depression, travelling can feel a daunting task. After all, if you don’t even like to get out of the bed, how can you face this enormous world? The answer is, life should remain stuck in status quo, isn’t it?

Depression changes your minds chemical composition and makes you feel certain things that you really don’t feel very happy about. But as they say, the two best things that beat depression are exercise and travelling. And when you travel, you simultaneously exercise and beat those life’s Monday blues . (more…)


Since Mussoorie is very old hill station it is very well connected by road, rail and air. This guide will enable you how  to reach Mussoorie if you travelling with either of the three modes.

By Road

Mussoorie Bus stand is at the moment just besides Dehradun railway station. So if you come out by train and exit the railway station take a left and carry on the road. Till about 150 meters and you (more…)


The Mall

The Mall has sort of, become a “Haat” in recent times in Mussoorie. The shops generally sell Kashmiri Shawls, Wooden Handicraft from Saharanpur, antique shops, Painting studio, Shoes, Multiple “Heavy on discounts” sportswear brands, Monte Carlo Showrooms to lots of cafes selling coffee and cliche confectionaries. The mall is full of flea market where you can buy all that you cannot find in Sarojini Nagar, Kamla Market or Karol Bagh. It has in recent years reduced to your typical market. A casual walk on Mall Road and you can find your pocket a little light! If you are lucky you can also catch a glimpse of famous storybook writer Ruskin Bond at a local bookshop at the Rialto area of Mall Road.

Bunkotel’s Tip: Please find the famous local “Sunrise” Peanut Butter which some local general merchant sell! (more…)