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Travelling has become cool, trendy and fun but can be a daunting task in just one snap of a finger. Going out of your shell is fine but its sometimes leads to sadness and homesickness. Here is Bunkotel Mussoorie’s guide, to overcome homesickness. (more…)


“Travellers are the best storytellers,” they say, and boy they say that right. Indeed travelling does make your a pandora’s box when it comes to telling stories learning and your holistic transformation because of that. Every seasoned traveller will tell you that actually its the “why” that you travel and not the “how” you travel. Although Travelling makes you come out of your shell, your comfort zone and stretch you physically and mentally sometimes taking a toll on you when you remember that journey you took it surely brings a smile in your face. (more…)


Hello there, Mr/Ms Traveller, Mussoorie is not your regular Hill stations will cliche cafes, shops, tourist spots and tourists. Mussoorie if properly seen from the eyes of a local, can bring smiles to people of all ages. With exhilarating walks, exotic scenic view and endless vegetation to help you cool off on hot summer days, warm you on a bright sunny winter day and rejuvenate you in Monsoons, Mussoorie can be visited throughout the year.  (more…)


Cycling Tracks in Mussoorie

“Shut up legs”  Is the battle cry of every die-hard cyclist. This is just chanted a way lot more if you cycle a lot in Mussoorie !. Cycling in the pristine sunshine in Mussoorie is a wonderful way to see mountain beauty and sheds those extra kilos at the same time. This is a list of top cycle tracks every cycling enthusiast should take. (more…)

Welcome to the Rise of the Budget Travelling

The future is “budget travel” so we are establishing “budget travel points” across the country to allow people to chill, taste new food, experience new culture, Charge Devices,Use WiFi, Use Laundry (Wherever available), Use Kitchen (Wherever Available) and keep on travelling at the budget.

Millennials are breaking away many set industry norms and why should Hotel Industry be
left behind. Millennials spend their money only on what really matters that is new experienced that are enrich their lives and make there hungry to travel even more.

     Their social media accounts are their life albums.

They make decisions based on Trust (Reviews) + Value (Location) + Price Point (Affordability).