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The Mall

The Mall has sort of, become a “Haat” in recent times in Mussoorie. The shops generally sell Kashmiri Shawls, Wooden Handicraft from Saharanpur, antique shops, Painting studio, Shoes, Multiple “Heavy on discounts” sportswear brands, Monte Carlo Showrooms to lots of cafes selling coffee and cliche confectionaries. The mall is full of flea market where you can buy all that you cannot find in Sarojini Nagar, Kamla Market or Karol Bagh. It has in recent years reduced to your typical market. A casual walk on Mall Road and you can find your pocket a little light! If you are lucky you can also catch a glimpse of famous storybook writer Ruskin Bond at a local bookshop at the Rialto area of Mall Road.

Bunkotel’s Tip: Please find the famous local “Sunrise” Peanut Butter which some local general merchant sell!


Tibetan Market

Setup in 1960 under Government of India’s approval for Tibetan Refugees. The Tibetan Market is a small cousin of famous Monastery market in Majnu Ka Tila, New Delhi. This place in on a steep road (an offshoot to it) just adjacent to Mall Road.  It his is a place where you can buy copies of famous designer brands to sportswear. Every new brand which is a rage in the country, you can find a “carbon copy” of it there. The place is basically a road on which Tibetans on folding beds display their stuff.


Bunkotel’s Tip:  Bargain Hard!

Sister bazaar

As the name might suggest this small bazaar is also called “char dukaan” because there are literally “four shops”. The name Sister bazaar comes because back in the days, sisters from community hospital nearby used to come to shop. There are shops which sell tasty Maggie and Bun Omelette, Cheese Omelette and Pan Cakes with your tea and coffee.  The place is filled with full of age-old deodar trees.


Bunkotel’s Tip: Fill your air with fresh air, take a book, study in the lap of nature!


Landour Bazaar

Many say that Landour Bazaar is real Mussoorie. Taking its name from Llanddowror a village in Wales by somebody missing his town back home. The place is full of shops which local villagers around Mussoorie come to shop. At a steep road called the “Mulingaar ki chadai” in Landour is famous for old antique shops. It is also famous for shops making hand-made leather shoes and Roman Sandals. The shops boast of Sachin Tendulkar, Brinda Karat. Pranoy Roy, Tom Alter etc as their customers. There is the small shop called “ Himalayan Haat” selling local lentils, pulses, ragi, handmade sweaters, rhododendron and citrus juices.


Bunkotel’s Tip:  Visit the famous Mullingar Hotel which was the first settlement in the area. Legend has it that ghost of headless rider who rides every full moonlight.

Bunkotel’s Top Must Visits Shops while in Mussoorie

1) Himalayan Haat:

Famous for local Lentils, Pulses, Ragi, Buckwheat, Organic Rice, Rhododendron and Citrus Fruit Juices.

Location: Mullingar, Landour, Mussoorie

2)   Sunrise Peanut Butter Factory :

This place is unique to Mussoorie. If you are a peanut butter aficionado then it a must visit. You can buy peanut butter peanuts at a very reasonable price.

Location: Chandalgarhi, Chaman Estate, Near Radha Bhawan, Mussoorie

3)  Antique Shop at clock tower:

The shop knows as “ Vinod Kabaadi Ki Dukaan”, this shop has unique antics from Raj Times. Go and have a dekko, you might like one or few things if you are into antiques.

Location: Clock Tower, Mussoorie

4) Prakash store:

If you have a sweet tooth and wants to revisit your childhood then this place is a must visit. The shop is full of locally made jams, cheese etc.

Location: Sister’s Bazaar, Mussoorie

5) U. P. Cottage & Village Industries:

If you are into consumerism and want to buy the product from China for every possible need, then this should be your must visit a shop. It will remind you of your local china-bazaar. The shop is full of unique products.

Location:  Near SBI,Mall road, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

6)Cambridge Book Depot:

If you want a bookworm and want to meet an author of International repute, Then this is a place to visit. Padam Bhushan Ruskin Bond can be seen sitting and meeting people on most Saturday evenings whenever he is in the town.

Location: Opposite SBI, Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 247663, India

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