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Yes, Mussoorie Monsoon is safe!

Bunkotel, receives a number of calls, every monsoon, like, How is the weather? Does it rain in Monsoons in Mussoorie? When do Monsoons starts in Mussoorie, Does it rain heavily? Is  Mussoorie safe to visit in monsoons? Is there a landslide in Mussoorie? How cold is it during monsoons? Too many questions? But one straight answer, you miss a lot, if you do not visit Mussoorie during Monsoons. In fact, it is the best time to visit the hill station. Mussoorie Monsoon is safe, Let us tell you why.

Mussoorie Monsoon



City after Summers

After the summer season blitzkrieg, Mussoorie gets much-needed respite and unwinds itself by the burden of over-tourism. Monsoon rewards Mussoorie with so many rains that Mussoorie is lush green with flora and the hills are filled with wild dahlias. In fact, do watch the hills of Gun Hill to get mesmerised by the spread of flora during the Monsoons and you will get enthralled by the opera that Nature plays. Mussoorie monsoon will just love you.

Mussoorie is like your city

like any other northern city of the country, Mussoorie is full of rains during Monsoons. Yes, it rains quite a lot in Mussoorie. And yes, being a hill station it is usually cold when it rains. Rains though are much needed as it is nature’s own mechanism to recharge the water bodies so that Mussoorie gets water throughout the year. Monsoon typically starts by mid-July and ends by late September. Mussoorie is absolutely safe till now (Well, that can be only said about Mother Nature and its way) so far no major accident has occurred has occurred in Mussoorie because of incessant rains. No doubt the weather is a bit wet, but in monsoon, mother nature is in a mood to make you feel water isn’t it? Rest assured, Mussoorie monsoon is safe and sound for you.


Mussoorie Monsoons



Don’t worry about Landslides

The city is one of the major tourist destinations in the county. Any scale of the landslide that happens (generally on Mussoorie-Dehradun road) is taken care of promptly. In fact, a major landslide in the year 2015 was removed in 13 hours flat! A major accomplishment for any state crisis department. It can be said that the Mussoorie is as safe as the city from where you are coming. Mussoorie monsoon is a refreshing site to witness.

Enchanting Queen

Thea Misty Mountain Queen during monsoons will cast a spell on you when you visit it. The mist enters your window when you open it, you feel like walking in the clouds when you are outdoors during this season. You can get heavy discounts on hotels and you should always take advantage of it. If you are somebody who is a soul that needs some seclusion in a mythical, mighty, mountains this is the best season for you to visit Mussoorie. If you are a photographer, this season will be a delight and your Instagram will love you for it. Come and see, Mussoorie monsoon for yourself.

Lastly visit Mussoorie in Monsoons if you like seclusion, want to visit the city for its charms and grandeur and love the rains. You will not get crowds in this time of the year but who wants it anyhow isn’t it?

Essentials to bring during Monsoons

Light warm woollens or wind-cheaters, especially for the kids.

Raincoat, Gumboots or a sturdy umbrella

Beware of

Leaches, when you visit the green grasslands. You should always wear shoes or gumboots while visiting one.


So what are you waiting for, Come Mussoorie in Monsoons, it is waiting to welcome you with open misty, foggy arms. Mussoorie is absolutely safe to visit, during Monsoons.

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