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You will find no one who is sad and regretful about making too many real friends, being a storyteller, seeing nature up and close, live history, have amazing experiences, and eaten best food available, on their deathbed.

There are two kinds of people in the world one who lives in their cocoon, their comfort zone. Others, who as they get the time and money (even if little) will run away to travel.

Here are the reasons why you will never regret travelling to vast length and breadth of our mother earth.

You have a genuine friend list

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Travelling makes you extrovert, yes you read that right, when you are faced with challenges that travelling throws right at your face, you tend to mix with others, ask, enquire, get to the root of a problem and somehow while doing all this connect to the person with whom you end up having your conversation.

Travelling is not about being aloof, with your headphones, with your book (you can do that in your house). It is about connecting to crazy people that earth offers to you. No matter how much you talk virtually, a basic conversation face to face, can still make you have goosebumps.

Storyteller par excellence

hotels in mussoorieDidn’t you like that grandpa who used to have a new story to tell, every time you paid him a visit? This is what a pure traveller achieves, the ability to tell tales from far, distant lands. The tales of chaos, excitement, joy, sorrow, anger literally every emotion knows to us.  Now, who doesn’t like a guy/gal like that, isn’t it?

That National Geographic Guy

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When you travel to places far and wide, you come close to nature. You see everything from landscapes, animals, rain, snow, deserts, mountain, sea, different tribes and culture. Even if you are not adventurous, travelling makes you one. You really become that guy, whom you admire on National Geographic every now and then.

You will get to see history

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OK, a test for you, what did you like more, TajMahal on Photo or in Reality. I am sure the latter. That is because no amount of virtual reality can take over your cognitive experience. I for once, was mesmerised by the sheer size and whiteness of this beautiful mausoleum.

Imagine having that same experience on every natural or man-made structure that you encounter with your naked eyes. Yes, you live history once you do it.

Once in Lifetime experiences

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Have you slept on a bunk bed, in a hostel, homestay, non-conventional accommodation other than a regular hotel? If yes, wasn’t it wonderful? If you have not done that, do it. Live in a place other than a conventional hotel. If in Mussoorie try Bunkotel for once. You get your perspective revised when you travel, for good.

Best Food, enough said

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Do we have to seriously write about the various foods that you encounter while travelling? No one can regret having an extra serving of Banana Bread, Can Anybody?/

Meaning of Life

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When you travel, you make friends, have good food, make your life happy by shunning worries and living that moment, see history and have experiences that enrich your life with positive memories. Isn’t that the true meaning of life?

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