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There are different types of hostels.

We created specific article about the 7 Types of Hostels.

It gives a clear idea about Hostels and it opens the options out there.

The range starts from the :

1. Cheapest budget option
2. Activity and lifestyle hostel
3. To design conscious hostel
4. Party-Orientated hostels for the party animal
5. And more

Whenever you choose to stay at any type of accommodation, the one should have to clear about the expectations.

As we know hostel is a social type of accommodation where the budget travelers meet and get together.

The social character is  a result of the traveler and the staff.

Here are 7 different types of hostels:

1. Cheap Hostel
2. Party Hostel
3. Activity and Lifestyle Hostel
4. Homely & Cosy Hostel
5. 5 Star Hostles
6. Traditional Youth Hostels
7. Boutique Hostels- Design, Luxury, Upscale

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