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We love travelling on Budget like most of you. And like most of you want to travel more while saving on accommodation. Of course, that comes with a bargain, bargain to let go few mandatory services of a hotel. But who minds that as long as the rooms and toilets are clean and hot water is available in the toilet. So far if you are travelling to Mussoorie, its only hostel, Bunkotel, fits the bill. Because, Bunkotel is the cheap hotel in Mussoorie.

Budget Hotels in Mussoorie

Hostels give you “no frills” (no frills – means letting go TV, service, breakfast, room service) experience for a number of advantages. We thought to list those. Budget hotels in Mussoorie are far and few and often match the cleanliness that Bunkotel offers. If you really need to persuade yourself and your group of friends or family, read the mentioned points.

Value for money

Hostels are budget, come any time of the year, you will find them cheaper than your average hotel. It is always economical for a group of friend or large family. If you are on a long journey then you should specifically look for budget options like a hostel where you just intend to stay for just sleeping through the night.

Range of budgets

Some hotels give options of privacy as well (Bunkotel has all private rooms). Other hostels might give offer you shared space dormitories which are even if you want to compromise on privacy.


While you are a vagabond you might not actually book any rooms chances are that you might end up getting a place to sleep. But do not expect to get a room on the high season as even the hostels are already packed.  But no doubt the hostels and the staff alike are pretty flexible.

Insider Access

Hostel’s staff are often local and they know in and around the area. Where to get cheap bikes, where to get buses, where to eat on budget. They are a plethora of knowledge as far as the city is concerned, which somehow professionals of the hotel miss. They are always genuinely ready to help.

Trips and Tours

Hostels tie-up with trekking and tour startups (Bunkotel has one) which can offer you a range of trips and tours. You can do that on your own but whats bad in getting somethings at your doorstep.

Hostels are fun

Hostels are the place where the majority of people that you encounter are young. They share common interests and purposes. Interaction with them can gain you more friends and contacts. And who knows what might start a story?


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