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When you are depressed or in depression, travelling can feel a daunting task. After all, if you don’t even like to get out of the bed, how can you face this enormous world? The answer is, life should remain stuck in status quo, isn’t it?

Depression changes your minds chemical composition and makes you feel certain things that you really don’t feel very happy about. But as they say, the two best things that beat depression are exercise and travelling. And when you travel, you simultaneously exercise and beat those life’s Monday blues .

Travelling with your friends to Bunkotel will help you reduce the depression. As we are the budget hotel in Mussoorie. You will get help while travelling by getting New connections, increases your creativity, increased Imagination, Increases happiness.

New Connections

Sometimes our home is a culprit in maintaining the status quo. It maintains the monotony of the situation. When travelling with friends, something obviously changes, it changes the status quo makes us face new challenges and thus we kind off let go the current complex situation in our mind. Travelling with your wolf pack will just be better than travelling solo.

Increased Imagination

Social research tells us that new culture gives us increased awareness and imagination. We get to see things that we don’t normally see. And new locales provides new adventures and takes you away from your daily mundane environment. And when you sleep in beds in which you generally don’t sleep (Bunk-beds), it does hit your imagination.

Unleashed Creativity

Staying in a unique, unconventional environment of Bunkotel definitely makes you more creative. You get to read quirky messages, life mantras, see the ropeway and picturesque Dehradun valley. You take some decisions while travelling which makes you think of your life and its daily challenges and you tend to relate and solve those challenges while you are back from your holidays.

Boosted Happiness

A recent study in Applied Research in Quality of Life tells that even just anticipating a vacation can make you happy up to eight weeks! So just imagine when you actually travel, it will lighten your mood and make you a bit relaxed. Just don’t rush into your holiday and relax, unwind and just be content and even if you miss those cliche tourist spots, it is alright.

Real Life Example, It Works!

Our friend lets call her Miss X, was facing depression in her life. Her friend decided to change that and advised her to take embrace two things in her life, running and travelling. She says that decision was life-altering and now she is a frequent marathon runner and makes sure to run whenever she is on her journey. She says depression cannot be tackled just by pills, you need to alter your lifestyle and see the result on your own.

Psychiatrist worldwide recommends taking care of oneself, exercising, sleeping and being active as best medication for fighting depression. We cant agree more!

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