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Remember when being social and connected meant actually meeting and enjoying with your close family and friends. Yes the “pre-social media” era, wow those were the days when you actually went to travel without “check-in on Facebook, telling the world about it on twitter and eating that pie before posting its pic on Instagram. Although it has become an integral part of the lives but trust me, you losing your time “here” can gain you some life “there”.

1. Content is the key!

Not that content but being content and happy actually. Don’t you think that there is a rat race in social media to prove to the world that they are better than others or if not better, equal? Life is not social media timeline but how you line your time to benefit out of it. Minimise your time in the virtual world so that you can live in happiness in the real world.

2. More Productive? oh Yes!

Just close your eyes and remind your self when did you last hear somebody saying that they are bored. Yes, you are right chances are pretty slim that you will find that moment. It is because being bored is replaced by scrolling. Invest your time in something meaningful instead like learning a new language, piano lesson, swimming, cycling, whatever. Just remember to kill scrolling. Because it is actually like opening your refrigerator again and again only expecting to find something that is not there.

3. Life is beautiful

Did you ever notice that social media despite its tall claims of connecting the world actually made you more jealous, dis-content, envious, sad and unhappy? This is because you just are in comparison mode. Just respect small things in life like how lucky you are to inhale fresh air, have food, water, clothes and work. There are millions out there who cannot boast of these simple pleasures. Life is indeed beautiful if you take it that way. Limit virtual life, say hello to real life.

4. Real Connections

Allow me to tell you a real story, Once a friend of mine who boasted of four thousand social media friends was telling me the power of social media and how it can help gain good things in life and save you from a crisis. I kept mum and kept listening to his tall claims only to find him one day, coming to me and asking for a few thousand rupees. I did not mean to hurt him but what happened to the tall claims of so many connections? Try to physically connect with real friends whenever possible and you will cherish it.

5. Our world will be so beautiful, again

Shun the social media and travel. Travel to collect memories, not photos and posts. While travelling just travel without your phones constant beep, beep, beep. You will actually notice how short and insignificant you are in this huge beautiful world. Travel in budget and travel far and wide. Try to stay in hostels to save on accommodation, because it is one of the budget hotels or stay for backpackers or group travelers. Try Bunkotel, in Mussoorie if you are in North India.  Beaches, forest, mountains, snow, rains all will be beautiful again.

6. You will be smarter and wiser and Innovative

Take a “time out” from social media and you use the power of the internet for learning new things, reading meaningful books and doing useful things that will make you wiser. You will have time for that actual workout that was long overdue. Your mind, body and soul will be refreshed. You will become smarter, wiser and often more innovative in dealing life as it comes.


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