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MYTH: Budget Travel is actually expensive

Now, who told you that? Travelling is expensive! Yes, it is, but a little bit of research on your hotels and finding cheap hotels, replacing them with Hostels, (Bunkotel for travelers in Mussoorie is a great choice), finding local eateries (where locals eat) rather than continental food or fine dining restaurant,walking, instead of taking buses and taxis for short distances, can help you save a lot. If you do a cost analysis obviously nothing can beat a can of soda and popcorn in front of Netflix at home but that’s not life or is it?

MYTH: Budget Traveling isn’t safe

Budget travelling means on a budget it doesn’t mean to compromise your security in exchange for some shady hostels and spoiled cheap food. There a blind spots everywhere even your hometown. When Travelling on a budget just use your gut instincts and common sense and you will save a lot of money, stay at cheap hotels or hostels.

MYTH: Budget Travel is dangerous for women

Since last decade, millions of women around the world are travelling in every segment. They have taken a penchant for budget travel as well and boy! they are loving it. Every day, millions of women travel the world and do so alone. Just believe in your instincts, travel to women-friendly places, avoiding some uncomfortable scenarios (as you do at your home) same should be followed while travelling as well and you will love your life.

MYTH: You can’t travel on a budget when you have a family

This is once a budget myth that has to be busted. In fact, group travels can get you in a commanding position to bargain on transport, hotels and even food deals. Hostels have amazing deals on accommodation for groups (If coming to Mussoorie check Bunkotel, for fantastic group deals. Bunkotel is the cheap hotel in Mussoorie).

MYTH: Budget Travelling is very complex

When travelling on a budget you have to leave a few luxuries. You have to let go little of your comfort for little less comfort, I repeat, more comfort to less comfort never is the case that it will definitely lead you to an uncomfortable situation. Just be a little creative and pro-active research and adjust to the cliche holidays that you are used to and be a little adventurous and Voila! you will be saving more and travelling more.

MYTH: Budget Travel can only be done with a tour company

Budget travel can easily be taken a solo. Although tour companies are great at giving you deals as they play on economies of scale but you can also travel budget without them as not everybody trusts them, and sometimes cookie-cutter approach can lead to disastrous situations. (Bunkotel, Mussoorie is the budget hostel for backpackers and group travelers.)









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