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Travelers around the world love to stay in Hostels.
But the question is why is that, and why did hostels become so popular between the travelers ?
Most common questions about the hostels :

What is a Hostel ?

A hostel is a type of accommodation, for backpackers or solo travelers who want to travel on a budget, and who are looking for a place to get in contact with other travelers.
Youth Hostels is another name of Hostels, which offer cheap accommodation where you can book a bed.
This mean you will share a room with other travelers as well as the facilities.
Nowadays, almost every hostel offers the option of a private room and ensuite facilities.
Every hostel have a common area either it can be a living room or lounge for the travelers to get together.

The social part of a hostel is very important.


Who stay at Hostel ?

The people staying in Hostels are usually

1. Travelers on a budget
2. Looking for a social spot to meet other like-minded people

Usually between 18 and 30 years travelers choose hostels for accommodation.
But the time has changed.

This audience is still very common, and you will find most young travelers hanging out at the local  Party Hostel.

However, nowadays a wide range of different travelers at hostels, for example,

1. Retired couples
2. Families with children
3. Solo travelers
4. The occasional group

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