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Hostels type – Here we guide you about different types of Hostels that you should be aware of!

We have put together a list of the most basic types of Hostels out there to give you an overview of the variety that you can experience.

Let’s start :

1. Cheap Hostels

As we know Hostels are already on budget, but still we call have one called”Cheap Hostel”.

A cheap hostel is the ones with the lowest prices in town. In this type of hostel the service and facilities are not to a high standard and these generally their location is perhaps not in the city center.

But to enter these hostels have a look at their reviews!

The facilities, services, and ratings are generally of a lower level when comparing with the other hostels in town.

The biggest dorm is usually the cheapest – obviously.

2. Boutique

There are different names which describe this specific type of hostel. This type of hostel is the design-conscious type, where boutique-style meets and joins with the world.

Boutique Hostel is well-designed accommodation, but still on budget.

3.Homely & Cosy

This type of hostel feels and looks like a home rather than a paid accommodation.

There is a kitchen you can use, an actual living room and many more which make a place feel like a home.



Party Hostel is oriented more towards the younger-minded travelers. As the name already claims, this is where the party happens!

Party Hostels usually organize special events.

There is age restriction so just in case, make sure you are able to stay at this specific party-oriented hostel before you arrive.

5. Activity

This type of hostel is located to any main activity in the area.

For example surfing, hiking, and skiing. These types of hostels are for the active traveler, and offer an accommodation themed to the specific type of activity they are providing.

6. Traditional Youth

The Traditional Youth Hostel has maintained its original focus over the years as a cheap, social accommodation option.

This type of hostel is optimized for team-building weekends and school excursions.

You can stay here as a solo-traveler and it’s a perfect option for meeting new people.

7. 5 Star

5 Star Hostels is an Eco-friendly design-conscious , offering a social and comfortable experience.

5 Star Hostel have combining local values, unique design, and great facilities.

The term 5 Star Hostel refers transparent criteria in which they must all meet.

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